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 Function GED_L3_PHA - get ERNE Pulse Heigh Analysed Level-3 Data.
                       TM-formats: f10,f30,f40,f50

 Version 2.0

 Calling sequence:

 Input parameters: none

 Returns:      Level 3 ERNE pha data read from disk file is returned as an array of
               structures (see below).

 Keyword parameters:
       filename  fn
                 A string containing the name of the disk file to be read. If set to an
                 empty named variable, DIALOG_PICKFILE is invoked to select the file
                 interactively and the variable is used for returning the selection.
                 DIALOG_PICKFILE is invoked also if 'filename' is missing.
                 If DIALOG_PICKFILE is invoked, the name of the selected file will also
                 be printed to standard output.
                 See also section Input file names below.

       G3PHA_FP  path
                 A string containing the directory where to look for files. If set to named
                 variable, the directory of the specified or selected file is returned.

       G3PHA_FLM fillmode
                 If set to a named variable, a vector of fill-mode bytes is returned when
                 PHA data is read. The vector has the same length as the counter and matrix
                 vectors,i.e., one fill mode value per each major frame in the input file is

       G3PHA_AMP amppara
                 If set to a named variable, a structure of amplification parameters used
                 to process the data will be returned when PHA data is read.

 Input file names:
                 The type of level 3 data is decided by the file name extension. The following level-3
                 (file-name extensions and) file types have been defined:
                    .led_pha                LED pulse height data
                    .hed_pha                HED pulse height data
                    .hed_pha_calib          HED pulse height data for calibration purposes

 Output data formats:
                 Ouput is a vector of structures. The structure types depend on the input file type:
                    TledPartData_a           LED pulse height data
                    ThedPartData_a           HED pulse height data
                    ThedPartData_c           HED pulse height data for calibration purposes

 Version history:

       2006-12-12 (ER)

         Updated to utilize automated (on-need) structure definition.


       8.6.2005(?) (ER)

         1. Changed the typename of amplification parameters according to new names in
            'ERNE_define' (version 1.4).

         2. Moved the type descriptions from comment section to 'ERNE_define' comment section.


       2002-05-12 (ER)

         Changed the keyword prefix from 'GPHA_' to nore distinctive 'G3PHA_'.

         Moved type definitions to common definition procedure 'ERNE_define' (version 1.1)


       2002-02-07 (ER)

         Made some (temporarily) fixes to circumvent the bug (?) in IDL-5.5.
         The affected code lines are commented and can be found by searching for
         string 'IDL-5.5' in the source.

 2001-01-30 (ER)

         Original version based on ged_l3f10f40.


Created by riihonen. Last Modification: Wednesday 14 of March, 2007 11:23:39 UTC by riihonen.