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The ged_l3_leddirspectra function reads level-3 onboard LED direction spectra from disk files. The function will handle time and energy integration of the data based on the keyword setting. Time integration is handled internally. Energy integration is done by the standard filter function Eint_leddir, see there for the keywords governing the energy integration.

IDL doc_library comment


 function  GED_L3_LEDDIRSPECTRA - get ERNE Level-3 LED Direction Spectra.
                                  TM-formats: f30,f40,f50

 Version 2.1

 Calling sequences:


 Input parameters:

       fnames  list of input file names

 Returns:      Vector of level-3 LED direction spectrum records, possible time integrated and otherwise filtered if requested.

 Keyword parameters:

      G3LDS_DT     delta_t
                   Length of time integration bins in seconds.
                   If set the time stamp for each output record is set at the middle point of the corresponding integration bin.
                   If not set there is no time integration and the time stamps are not touched.

      G3LDS_EINFO  Einfo
                   Structure containing info on the energy bins in the returned data.
                   See function Eint_leddir for details.

      G3LDS_NOEINT noEint
                   The energy integrator is called by default. In case no energy integrator keywords are set via 'relyparams'
                   this will result in the default set of energy channels with the low 'thin D1 only' channels removed.
                   Setting noEint will prevent the integrator calling and we will thus operate with the whole level-3 direction
                   channel set including the empty thick D1-detector channels.

      G3LDS_FTS    ffuncs
                   List of filter functions. After processing of each input file, the ready time integrated records will
                   be fed through the filter function(s). The output of each function will be input for the next. The resulting
                   records will be then concatenated to the output vector.

      G3LDS_T0     startlobt
                   Starttime for integration in LOBT-format (TAI-format)
                   Normally, if G3LDS_T0 is not set, starttime (startlobt) is set at the start of the first file day.
                   NOTE: G3LDS_T0 has no effect if G3LDS_DT is not set also.

      G3LDS_NTS    noTsync
                   Normally, if G3LDS_T0 is not set, starttime (startlobt) is set at the start of the first file day.
                   Setting G3LDS_NTS overrides the default action, and first lobt-value in the first input file is used instead.
                   NOTE: if G3LDS_T0 is set G3LDS_NTS has no effect.

      G3LDS_LHL    ledHitLev
                   LED Hit Level selector:
                      0: Both hit levels records accepted
                      1: Only 1x hit level records accepted
                      3: Only 3x hit level records accepted
                   If not set effect is same as 0

      G3LDS_LOL    ledOverLoad
                   If set LED overload minutes will be included.
                   Default action is to discard LED overload minutes.

      G3LDS_TMF    tmFormat
                   Telemetry format of the input files ('f10','f30', etc). If not set, the format is deduced from the first
                   file name assuming standard naming convention.

         The following files (links) have to be in path:


 Version history:

 2.1 -  2007-02-14 (ER)

        Changes due to new energy integrator version 'Eint_leddir.1.1'.

 2.0 -  2007-02-01 (ER)

        New version adapted from: 'ged_l3_spectra.2.9'.

Created by riihonen. Last Modification: Wednesday 14 of March, 2007 12:11:13 UTC by riihonen.