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 Function GED_L2_A -  Get ERNE Level-2 Science Data, program series 'a'

 Version 1.1

 Level(s): 2

 Format(s): f10, f30, f40, f50

 Calling sequences:

 Input parameters: none

 Returns:      Level 2 ERNE data read from disk file is returned as an array of
               structures (see below).

 Keyword parameters:

       FILENAME filename
               A string containing the name of the disk file to be read. If set to an
               empty named variable, PICKFILE is invoked to select the file interactively
               and the variable is used for the returning of the selection.
               PICKFILE is invoked also if 'filename' is missing. If PICKFILE is invoked,
               the name of the selected file will also be printed to standard output.
               See also section Input file names below.

       PATH path
               A string containing the directory where to look for files. If set to named
               variable, the directory of the specified or selected file is returned.

       FILLMODE fillMode
               If set to a named variable, a vector of fill-mode bytes is returned when
               PHA data is read. The vector has the same length as the counter and matrix
               vectors,i.e., one fill mode value per each major frame in the input file is

       _REF_EXTRA relyparams
               Provides a way to accept unknown keywords that perhaps have some meaning
               for other programs called by the  GED-system.

 Input file names:
       The type of level-2 input data is decided by the file name which must end with one of the
       recognized extension. See the first column of table of the Input/Ouput structures below.

 Output data formats:
       Level 2 data is returned as vectors of structures (see below). The vectors have a length
       equalling the number of major frames per level 2 file except for direction distribution data,
       where it is lower by a factor of about four (4-min resolution), and for pulse height data,
       where it equals the number of PHA events in the file.

 Input/Output structures:
    extension            record structure     0000   description                note
    .counters            TscCounters_a        +---   ESU science counters
        "                TscCounters_b        -+--   ESU science counters
        "                TscCounters_c        --+-   ESU science counters
        "                TscCounters_d        ---+   ESU science counters
    .10s_spectra         Tsc10sCntrs_a        +---   LED+HED 10 second spectra
    .pn_spectra          TscEcntrs_a          +---   LED+HED on-board spectra
    .led_spectra         TledEcntrs_b         -+++   LED on-board spectra
    .hed_spectra         ThedEcntrs_b         -+++   HED on-board spectra
    .led_pha             TscHheader_a         ++++   LED pulse height data      (a)
        "                TledPHAevent_a       ++++   LED pulse height data      (a)
        "                TledPHArecord_a      ++++   LED pulse height data      (b)
    .hed_pha             TscHeader_a          ++++   HED pulse height data      (a)
        "                ThedPHAevent_a       ++++   HED pulse height data      (a)
        "                ThedPHArecord_a      ++++   HED pulse height data      (b)
    .hed_electrons       ThedElectronCntrs_a  +---   HED "electrons"
    .hed_relat           ThedElectronCntrs_b  -+++   HED "electrons"
    .hed_anisotropy_AN   ThedDirCntrs_a       +---   HED dx-dy-profiles: 0-5    (c)
    .hed_anisotropy_BN   ThedDirCntrs_b       +---   HED phi-theta tables: 0-5  (c)
    .hed_dirdistrN       ThedDirCntrs_c       -+++   HED phi-theta tables: 0-5  (c)

        a) INPUT, from a lev-2 file: Science Headers, each followed by two bytes
           (fillMode and nEvents) and then a nEvents of PHA event structures.
        b) OUTPUT, function result: array of records
        c) N = channel number {0..5}. Note that the file extensions are truncated
           before N when deciding the file type below.

 Version history:

 1.1   2007-03-02 (ER)

         Corrected erros in the comment section.

 1.0   2006-11-03 (ER)

         New program combining the functionality of the format specific programs:

         The new program utilises automated (on-need) structure definition system.

         NOTE: by combining the earlier format specific IDL-programs in to one
               program, the synchronized version numbering system between the
               IDL-programs and the corresponding C-program (SClev1to2) has become
               obsolete and thus we have changed from the earlier 3-level version
               numbers to 2-level numbering system.


Created by riihonen. Last Modification: Monday 05 of March, 2007 17:40:32 UTC by riihonen.