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When nothing works




  • Some functions or procedures need a path to the file where they exist, or the SolarSoft don't find them. For example procedure plott_bda (to draw a light curve of Yohkoh's BCS-data) needs the path ssw_path,'/data/ssw/yohkoh/bcs/idl/util' to work. Find the needed function/procedure from the SSW-tree (/data/ssw/instrument/...) and make the path for it.
  • Don't make paths that you don't need. For example, you could make all Yohkoh paths by command ssw_path,'/data/ssw/yohkoh/' and all the commands for the four instruments of Yohkoh would be available. But, usually you only need one or two instruments at a time and the extra paths just make the SolarSoft work slower.
  • Sometimes the paths don't work until you restart SSW and add the paths right on the beginning.
  • When setting environment variables by Emacs, notice that when you open the .cshrc-file with command 'emacs .cshrc' you must be in the home directory and that when the Emacs opens, you must click the window to edit the .cshrc-file. See Copy of .cshrc file




  • RHESSI Data Analysis Software - Frequently Asked Questions
  • For RHESSI Analysis Software you need to download hsi_obssum_yyyymm_nnn.fits -data besides hsi_yyymmdd_hhmmss_nnn.fits.
  • RHESSI Analysis Software search data from the directories pointed by HSI_DATA_ARCHIVE and HSI_DATA_USER environment variables. Make sure that they are set to point to right places. See instructions from the manual.
  • Sometimes when you are plotting image or getting data for it, this error might appear (in terminal).\% Program caused arithmetic error: Floating illegal operand. Usually the image can still be drawn, but some changes in the settings may not work. The cause of the error can be bad data (try to download it again or from different place or new version) or some specific energy band you are using (try plot the image with the defualt energy = no setting of im_energy_binning).




  • Before running xwavesds, give command

.r /data/ssw/radio/wind/diff.pro



  • Before running Yodat to search data, make sure that the Yodat searches the data from the right directory. The directory is defined by command:


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