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SRL Wiki



Everything related to teaching and studying Space Physics



Miscellaneous documentation related to everything in SRL


Sources of space physics observations

Web is full of pages with space physics observations. We might know by heart where they are, but, still, add them to this page, so that they are easier to find...

Sources of scientific Publications

The natural place to start looking is the Astrophysics Data System, which contains bibliographic data, usually the abstract and often the article or links to the articles.



Attending meetings and conferences is a very central part of research. Please add to this page any future meetings you know of. Indicate also if you are going, it's quite standard to give people posters to hang in conferences...

Sources of Funding

Finland has, in addition to Academy of Finland, a wealth of foundations for funding scientific research, particularly for you doctoral students.



These links contain publications organized in various ways and categories

Space Research Laboratory Publications


Solar Events

A list of analyzed solar events, and the papers the analysis was published in, can be found on this page





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