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Turbulent cascading numerically: a 2-D approach

  • Authors: Kissmann, R.; Spanier, F.; Fichtner, H.; Laitinen, T.; Schlickeiser, R.
  • Publication: 35th COSPAR Scientific Assembly. Held 18 - 25 July 2004, in Paris, France., p.2839, 2004
  • Theoretical study
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  • Abstract: The turbulence in the interstellar and interplanetary medium is of great interest especially in connection to the propagation of cosmic ray particles. While there are so far only indirect means to gain information on the situation in interstellar space, the wavenumber spectrum of the turbulence in the solar wind can, in principle, be measured directly. Knowledge gained from our understanding of interplanetary turbulence can be used as a guide to the necessary improvement of the theoretical description of the processes influencing interstellar turbulence. In this study, based on local 2-dimensional transport in wavenumber space, we concentrate on the influence of different damping processes on the Alfvénic turbulence. We will present results of corresponding numerical calculations.

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