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 Definition of the Science Header, sub-type 'a'

 Version 1.1

 Level(s): 2,3

 Format(s): f10, f30, f40, f50

 Science data structures for all data levels and all data formats use this same header type.

 NOTE 1: The bit numbering used here is reversed as compared to the one in the Onboard Science
         Software documentation. The numbering here is the standard one for Intel- and Alpha-
         technologies, while the OSS documentation follows the numbering of the MIL-STD-1750A,
         used in ERNE onboard processor.

 NOTE 2: Not all of the fields have been managed by all of the previous on-board versions by
         themselves, but are set by the on-ground processing (from level-1 to level-2), when

 TscHeader_a - science header is a common structure for all data types. It has the following fields
    lobt           : DOUBLE      Local onboard time; start time of this measurement period
                                 The value is seconds (and fractions) since 1958.01.01 00:00:00.0
    leap           : BYTE        Leap seconds up to this lobt (for converting between lobt and UT)
    tmFormat       : BYTE        Hexadecimal telemetry packet format indicator (e.g. 0x50)
    ossVer         : INT         Hexadecimal Onboard Science Software version (e.g. 0x2500)
    minCtr         : UINT        Cyclic onboard minute counter (actually integration period counter)
    statFlags      : INT         16-bit status flag word of the instrument:
                                    b15    = HED OFF        (most significant bit)
                                    b14    = LED OFF
                                    b8-b13 = RESERVED
                                    b7     = HED S1H2XHIT Disconnected
                                    b6     = HED AC1 Disconnected
                                    b5     = HED AC2 Disconnected
                                    b4     = HED EL BIT OFF
                                    b3     = HED 3x HIT LEVEL
                                    b2     = LED 3x HIT LEVEL
                                    b1     = HED OVERLOAD
                                    b0     = LED OVERLOAD   (least significant bit)
    qFlagsA        : LONG        Quality flags 32-bit, (TBD)
    qFlagsB        : LONG        Quality flags 32-bit, (TBD)


 1.1 - 2007-01-17

       Corrected type of the minCntr from integer to unsigned integer (ER)

 1.0 - 2006-10-25

       First version for automated (on-need) structure definition (ER)


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