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 Definition of ground analysed HED particle, sub-type 'c' (calibration)

 Version 1.1

 Level(s): 3

 Format(s): f10,f30,f40,f50

 This is a particle data structure used in HED calibration.

    stopDet     : BYTE       Stopping detector
    discr       : BYTE       Discriminator bits.                                         (1)
    pri         : BYTE       Onboard priority: 1=PR1, 3=PR3, 17=PR1 (e-corr),            (2)
                             20=PR3 (e-corr)
                             Electron correction (e-corr) indicates that the
                             particle was given an electron status by the H/W
                             but this was changed by the on-board interrupt
                             handler based on D1 pulse height.
    obCat       : BYTE       On-board category bits:
                                b7 = Affected by S1H2X E-edge amplifier breakdown        (3)
                                b6 = RESERVED
                                b5 = RESERVED
                                b4 = RESERVED
                                b3 = Heavy PHA section
                                b2 = Helium PHA section
                                b1 = Light PHA section (includes rescued data)
                                b0 = Rescued PHA section (b1 bit set also)
    l2ind       : LONG       Level-2 PHA event index                                     (4)
    coord       : FLOAT[4]   S-detector coordinates S1x,S1y,S2x,S2y [mm]
    ene         : FLOAT[7]   Detector energies (S1x,S1y,S2x,S2y,D1,D2 and D3) [keV]
    pid         : FLOAT      Particle ID from the onground analysis (SClev2to3)
    Cost        : FLOAT
    ChiOrig     : FLOAT
    Chi         : FLOAT
    Sigma       : FLOAT[7]
    SiRangeOrig : FLOAT
    SiRange     : FLOAT
    L2          : LONG
    L3          : LONG
    L2theor     : FLOAT
    L3theor     : FLOAT
    Etheor      : FLOAT[8]
    Ewrap       : FLOAT[3]
    Efoil       : FLOAT
    Z           : FLOAT
    A           : FLOAT

 1) Discrimation bits are valid only for MAINT-mode data, otherwise all 0.

 2) e-corr information in pri is consistently valid only from OSS-2.40
    onwards (since 19 April 2000). A couple of earlier versions offer it also:
    OSS-2.30 (23-24 Feb 2000) and OSS-2.31 (14-29 Mar 2000).

 3) The S1XH2 warning flag (obCat b7) is set by the SClev2to4 program following
    a heuristic evaluation. The flag is valid only from OSS-2.50 onwards (since 
    3 July 2001).

 4) Index of this particle in the level-2 PHA record file for this day. Some of
    the PHA events will be discarded during the ground analysis so there is no
    one-to-one match between the level-2 and level-3 particle entries. So if you
    need to get the matching level-2 PHA record for any level-3 particle, you can
    (and must) use this index to identify the corresponding level-2 entry.


 1.1 - 2016-10-14

       Corrected the description of the obCat bits b4-b7 (ER)
       Corrected the numbering of the notes (2) and (3).

 1.0 - 2006-11-29

       First version for automated (on-need) structure definition (ER)


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