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 Definition of the HED Pulse Height Analyse event, sub-type 'a'

 Version 1.2

 Level(s): 2

 Format(s): f10,f30,f40,f50

 NOTE: The on-board identification bits (sbs[4] bits b0-b3) and the S2H2X 
       warning flag (sbs[5] b7) are available only from OSS-2.50 onwards 
       (since 3 July 2001).

       The S2H2X warning is set by the SClev1to2-program. The flag is set if 
       the particle has been subject to on-board trajectory check based on 
       the estimated S1X-coordinate from the affected S1X-half (S1H2X). The 
       flag is not set for particles that have been written to the PHA table 
       without coordinate calculation (most of the 'heavy'-particles) or which 
       have entered through the non-affected half (S1H1X).

 NOTE: The names of the H/W status bits in sbs[0:4] follow the convention in 
       "E-ELE-FM-1801A A Technical Specification of ERNE gate Array"

 NOTE: Except for the MAINT-mode the following H/W status bits are not packed 
       in the PHA telemetry and are thus always 0:
          sbs[1]: AC1HIT and AC2HIT
          sbs[3]: all the bits
       In addition, while all the PR-bits are included in the ON-mode telemetry
       the EL- and PR2-bits are in practice always 0, as both the current and 
       previous Onboard software algorithms don't include either electrons nor
       penetrating particles on to the PHA record.

    sbs : BYTE[6]    sbs[0] upper byte of the H/W status word SW1:
                        b7    = S1H1XHIT
                        b6    = S1H2XHIT
                        b5    = S1H1YHIT
                        b4    = S1H2YHIT
                        b3    = S2H1XHIT
                        b2    = S2H2XHIT
                        b1    = S2H1YHIT
                        b0    = S2H2YHIT
                     sbs[1] lower byte of the H/W status word SW1:
                        b7    = D1H1HIT
                        b6    = D1H2HIT
                        b5    = D2HIT
                        b4    = D3HIT
                        b3    = AC1HIT (0 in ON-mode PHA data)
                        b2    = AC2HIT (0 in ON-mode PHA data)
                        b2    = S1GSM
                        b0    = S1GSL
                     sbs[2] upper byte of the H/W status word SW2:
                        b7    = S2GSM
                        b6    = S2GSL
                        b5    = D1GSM
                        b4    = D1GSL
                        b3    = D2GSM
                        b2    = D2GSL
                        b1    = D3GSM
                        b0    = D3GSL
                     sbs[3] lower byte of the H/W status word SW2:
                        b7    = D1E1P3 (0 in ON-mode PHA data)
                        b6    = D1E5   (0 in ON-mode PHA data)
                        b5    = E30    (0 in ON-mode PHA data)
                        b4    = E20    (0 in ON-mode PHA data)
                        b3    = E120   (0 in ON-mode PHA data)
                        b2    = E160   (0 in ON-mode PHA data)
                        b1    = S1E5P5 (0 in ON-mode PHA data)
                        b0    = S1E10  (0 in ON-mode PHA data)
                     sbs[4] priority bits + on-board analysis info:
                        b7    = el-bit (0 in ON-mode PHA data)
                        b6    = PR1-bit
                        b5    = PR2-bit (0 in ON-mode PHA data)
                        b4    = el-corr (1 if el-bit set/unset by on-board program)
                        b3    = Heavy with NO trajectory check (Heavy PHA section)
                        b2    = Onboard ident = He4 (He or light/resc PHA section)
                        b1    = Onboard ident = He3 (He or light/resc PHA section)
                        b0    = Onboard ident = d or t (He or light/resc PHA section)
                     sbs[5] PHA-select:
                        b7    = Affected by S1H2X E-edge amplifier breakdown
                        b4-b6 = RESERVED
                        b3    = Heavy PHA section
                        b2    = Helium PHA section
                        b1    = Light PHA section   (includes rescued data)
                        b0    = Rescued PHA section (b1 bit set also)
    pds : INT[11]    S1xE, S1XC, S1yE, ..., S2yC, D1, D2, D3 pulse heights


 1.2 - 2016-10-14

       Corrected the description of the status bytes sbs[4] and sbs[5] (ER)

 1.1 - 2014-08-19

       Added descriptions for the H/W status bits (sbs[0:3]) (ER)

       NOTE (added on 2016-10-14): This version probably never existed
            except in the VispaWiki pages.

 1.0 - 2006-10-27

       First version for automated (on-need) structure definition (ER)


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