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The origin of high-energy helium-3 rich events

  • Authors: Kocharov, L.; Torsti, J.
  • Publication: 34th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, The Second World Space Congress, held 10-19 October, 2002 in Houston, TX, USA, 2002
  • Statistical stuyd / Theoretical study
  • ADS link
  • Abstract: The energetic particle instrument ERNE on SOHO has detected the high-energy (> 10 MeV/nucleon) 3 He-rich events with 3 He/4 He> 1. There are observational evidences to suggest that in these events the ions are initially accelerated in the solar atmosphere and then reaccelerated at interplanetary coronal mass ejections (CMEs). Along with the observational data, we present a time-dependent model of energetic particle reacceleration at interplanetary CME. The model comprises propagating interplanetary shock and also propagating magnetic mirror behind it. The theoretical model includes the determination of particle trajectory and energy, the energy spectrum and the angular distribution of particles arriving from the evolving CME-shock complex to the near-Earth spacecraft.

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