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Test results of density detectors of the cosmic ray air shower array in Turku (Finland)

  • Authors: Elo, A.-M.; Arvela, H.; Peltonen, J.; Torsti, J. J.; Valtonen, E.
  • Publication: In its Proceedings of the 25th Annual Conference of the Finnish Physical Society 1 p (SEE N92-10362 01-70, 1991
  • Instrumentation
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  • Abstract: The air shower array in Turku is designed to detect multiple hadrons in the cores of small air showers. Test results of the density detector performance and their calibration procedure are presented. The pulse charge distributions of individual photomultiplier tubes as well as the density detectors as a whole are measured in order to check their performance. The shape of the pulse charge spectrum to cosmic ray muons is known and therefore the measured spectra can also be used to calibrate the detectors when the light production of charged particles in the scintillation medium is known.

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