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Successive Solar Energetic Particle Events in the October 1989

  • Authors: Torsti, J.; Anttila, A.; et al.
  • Publication: 24th International Cosmic Ray Conference, Vol. 4, held August 28-September 8, 1995 in Rome, Italy. Edited by N. Iucci and E. Lamanna. International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, 1995., p.139
  • Solar events of 1989 October 19, 1989 October 22 and 1989 October 24
  • Statistical study
  • ADS link
  • Abstract: We discuss GOES observations of three successive solar energetic particle events which took place on October 19, October 22 and October 24, 1989. Both prompt and delayed components of proton injection were observed. The longitudinal dependence of energetic proton injection is studied.

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