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Shock acceleration of energetic particles in wave heated corona

  • Authors: Laitinen, T.; Vainio, R.
  • Publication: Advances in Space Research, Volume 32, Issue 12, p. 2603-2608, 2003; 34th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, The Second World Space Congress, held 10-19 October, 2002 in Houston, TX, USA, 2002
  • Theoretical study
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  • Abstract: The solar wind wave heating models require substantial amount of wave power in order to efficiently heat and accelerate solar wind. The level of fluctuations is however limited by energetic particle observations. The simplest cyclotron sweep models result in convection-dominated transport, contradicting observations. However, models incorporating wave-wave -interactions, which cause wave energy to cascade in wavenumber, allow more reasonable energetic particle transport in the interplanetary space. The mean free path of the energetic particles remains still relatively short in the corona, providing favorable conditions for coronal mass ejection (CME) related shock acceleration. We study the consequences of this scenario on the energetic particle production related to CMEs. The role of self-generated waves is also discussed.

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