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Modeling the Energy-Dependent Charge States of Solar Energetic Particles

  • Author: Kocharov, L.
  • Publication: AGU Geophysical Monograph Series, v.165, pp. 137-145, 2006
  • Theoretical study
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  • Abstract: Energy-dependent charge states of solar energetic ions were observed in a number of particle events. They carry information on the local conditions at the origin of solar energetic particles as well as on the acceleration and transport processes in the solar corona and interplanetary medium. However, this information could not be extracted without numerical modeling. This review is focused on recent achievements in the modeling of the charge-consistent acceleration and transport of solar ions in the energy range from ~0.1 to ~100 MeV/nucleon, as applied to the ionic charge states of iron. A history of acceleration and transport leaves a clear imprint in the energy-charge profiles of iron. The charge-state measurements can play a unique role in an integrated analysis of solar particles events if the time resolution is improved and different observables are consistently included.

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