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If you know of forthcoming meetings other people might be interested in, put them here. In temporal order, please! Put your name in, if you are considering to participate, so others might give you a poster or something...

  • URSI Finnish Radio Science Day, in Otanniemi on October 28, 2008.
    • More information at the meeting's web pages
    • Probably in Finnish.
    • Participating:
      • Timo Laitinen (possibly, as a URSI Turku representative)
  • Solar Wind 12, on June 21-26, 2009 in Saint Malo, France
    • That's the all information for now, more to come
    • Participating:
      • Timo Laitinen (even if I have to walk to get there)
  • 31st ICRC (International Cosmic Ray Conference), July 8 - 15, 2009, Lodz, Poland
    • Participating:
    • That's the all information for now, more to come


Regular meetings:

  • EGU General assembly, every spring
  • AGU Spring and Fall meetings, every year
  • ICRC, Every other year (next 2009)
  • COSPAR, Every other year (next 2010)
  • ECRS, Every other year? (next 2008)
  • Solar Wind, semi-regular (every 2-4 years, next 2009)
  • Finnish COSPAR, Every other year (next 2010?)
  • Finnish Physics Days, Every year, around March


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