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LuK Thesis topics

This document contains suggestions for LuK (B.Sc.) theses, to be given to third-year students. They should not be overly complicated (basically literary studies), as they should be done in ~ 5.5 weeks (40 hours/week), as it is a 8 credit thesis. In addition, the students have had no courses on space physics when they reach this phase (it would be nice to be able to change this, of course...)

The Thesis is to be written, and should be about 20 pages.


  • Jovian electrons. Maybe a bit hard, not that many good papers around
  • Astrospheres: observations etc., comparison to heliosphere
  • Star spots: Idea of a sunspots, observations of star spots, comparison to sunspots, relation to solar/stellar activity


  • Stereo mission: concepts, first observations (are there any yet? Maybe in 2009)
  • Ulysses observations: 3d inner heliosphere, connection to solar surface
  • RHESSI observations of solar flares, and their meaning to the solar physics
  • The structure of heliosphere (after the current work has been narrowed down to some specific area)



  • Plasma instruments on some spacecraft



The theoretical ideas may be a bit too demanding at this stage...

  • Solar wind heating. Maybe a bit too involved. Chopped into smaller units, for theoretically inclined people?
  • Turbulence-related topics (also observational)
  • Dynamo, some aspects thereof

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