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Hybrid Solar Energetic Particle Events Observed on Board Soho

  • Authors: Kocharov, L.; Torsti, J.
  • Publication: Solar Physics, v. 207, Issue 1, p. 149-157, 2002
  • Statistical study / Theoretical study
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  • Abstract: We summarize ERNE/SOHO observations of solar energetic particle events associated with impulsive soft X-ray flares and LASCO coronal mass ejections (CMEs). The new observational data support an idea that the >10 MeV proton acceleration may be initiated at different coronal sources, operating in the flaring active region and on the global coronal scale, in concert with CME development. However, the particle acceleration continues beyond the coronal scales and may culminate at the interplanetary CME well after the flare. We emphasize the importance of CME liftoff/aftermath processes in the solar corona and the possible role of seed particle re-acceleration, which may explain the existence of hybrid solar energetic particle events.


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