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High Energy Solar Particle Detector

  • Authors: Valtonen, E.; Lumme, M.; Torsti, J. J.; Peltonen, J.; Kelha, V.; Leppala, K.
  • Publication: Proceedings of the 21st International Cosmic Ray Conference. Volume 7 (SH Sessions), p.235, 1990
  • ERNE instrumentation
  • ADS link
  • Abstract: A High Energy Detector (HED) for the measurements of energy spectra and composition of solar energetic particles has been designed. The sensor consists of both silicon detectors and scintillators. Silicon strip detectors are used for measuring the trajectory of incident particles enabling identification of isotopes upto the iron-group of elements. The energy ranges covered are from 13 MeV upto 110 MeV for protons and from 53 MeV/n upto 540 MeV/n for iron. Also electrons can be identified in the energy range of 2-25 MeV. The geometric factor of the telescope varies between 30 cm2sr and 50 cm2sr depending on energy. Anisotropies of protons and helium nuclei will be measured within the maximum opening angle of 65 degrees. The details of the sensor will be described and results of techical and scientific performance tests will be reported at the conference.

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