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GED programs

In principle there is only one ged program user needs to know: ged, an IDL function that acts as a front end for the other ged programs. The other functions are called automatically as needed based on the requested data type and prosessing parameter (IDL keyword) settings. However, an effective use of the system at its current state requires also some knowledge of what happens 'behind the scenes. Specifically user should be aware what keywords are acknowledged for the desired data. The available keywords depend on the 'lower level' functions that are used for processing of the desired data type.

Top level function

Level-2 function

There is only one level-2 ged reader function that handles all the level-2 data:


Level-3 functions

Level-3 has dedicated readers for each major data type:


Other functions


  • Energy integration of f10 onboard spectra: Eint_1
  • Energy integration of f30, f40 and f50 onboard spectra: Eint_3
  • Energy integration of LED direction spectra: Eint_leddir



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