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Estimation of high energy solar particle transport parameters during the GLE's in 1989

  • Authors: Torsti, J. J.; Eronen, T.; Mahonen, M.; Riihonen, E.; Schultz, C. G.; Kudela, K.; Kananen, H.
  • Publication: Solar Wind Seven; Proceedings of the 3rd COSPAR Colloquium, Goslar, Germany, Sept. 16-20, 1991 (A93-33554 13-92), p. 545-548, 1992
  • Solar events between 1989 August and October
  • Case study / Statistical study
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  • Abstract: Analysis of five ground level enhancements in 1989 is carried out for the observations of the Lomnicky Stit and Oulu neutron monitors. The objective of the analysis is the estimation of the particle transport parameters in the solar corona and in the interplanetary space at relativistic proton energies. For the September 29 and October 24 flares the observations at both stations reveal fine structures which can be interpreted as a double injection process into IP space.
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