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Energetic particle signatures of geoeffective coronal mass ejection

  • Authors: Valtonen, E.; Laitinen, T.
  • Publication: 34th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, The Second World Space Congress, held 10-19 October, 2002 in Houston, TX, USA., 2002
  • Statistical study
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  • Abstract: Energetic particles are often observed related to various phases of coronal mass ejections (CMEs). They may be produced in the associated flare processes or in the associated shocks as the CME travels through corona and interplanetary space. These particles are an important component of the storm-time environment in space. Although energetic particle observations do not alone provide reliable enough prediction for geomagnetic storms, the characteristics of particle events together with other observations may provide valuable information on the properties of the approaching CME. The most important contributions the energetic particle observations might provide, are the discrimination between front side and back side halo CMEs, and an early warning of an approaching shock. The first one could be provided by the time profile of the primary particle event, and the second one by energetic storm particles (ESP). These observations can be combined to give a very important proxy for the CME velocity, which is related to the strength of the CME- associated shock, and thus to magnetic field compression. Our preliminary study showed a correlation between the shock transit time calculated from energetic particle observations, and the geomagnetic storm strength, determined from Dst minimum value. The analysis period covered the two first years of the present solar cycle, and thus contained only a limited number of storm periods. In this work we study the correlation further by analyzing events closer to the solar maximum, in order to increase the statistics and to study a possible dependence on the phase of the solar cycle.

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