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Electronics of the cosmic ray air shower array at Turku (Finland)

  • Authors: Arvela, H.; Elo, A.-M.; Torsti, J. J.; Valtonen, E.
  • Publication: Proceedings of the 25th Annual Conference of the Finnish Physical Society 1 p (SEE N92-10362 01-70), 1991
  • Instrumentation
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  • Abstract: An experimental arrangement to detect extensive air showers with multiple hadrons was constructed at the University of Turku. The apparatus consists of an air shower array (400 sq m), hadron spectrometer and three planes of streamer tubes. The parameters to be determined are the following the size, core location and arrival direction of showers and the distribution of hadrons in showers. The data collecting system is based on Computer Automated Measurement and Control (CAMAC) and GPIB. The shower size and core location are determined by recording the charge of the density detector scintillation pulses. The arrival direction of the shower is calculated by using the data from the fast timing detectors. The hadron composition of the showers can be measured with a hadron spectrometer. The trigger system is composed of the coincidence of core detectors and the central fast timing detector. The data collecting system will be cleared automatically within 1 microsecond in the case of uninteresting event.

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