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ERNE observations of energetic particle fluxes

  • Authors: Torsti, J.; Valtonen, E.; Riihonen, E.; Teittinen, M.; Anttila, A.; Vainio, R.; Mäkelä, P.; Eronen, T.; Laitinen, T.; Schultz, G.
  • Publication: Advances in Space Research, vol. 20, p. 91, 1997
  • Solar events of 1996 May-October
  • Statistical study
  • ADS link
  • Abstract: An analysis is conducted of May-October 1996 observations of the Energetic and Relativistic Nuclei and Electrons (ERNE) experiment aboard the SOHO spacecraft. A comparison of ERNE measurements with particle observations for the two previous solar minima indicates an exceptionally low flux level of protons during the first half of 1996. After two energetic particle events in July and August, anticorrelations whose periods coincided with the solar-rotation period arose between low-energy protons and the modulation of both high-energy protons and He above 13 MeV/nucleon.

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