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Anisotropies of relativistic solar protons at 1 AU

  • Authors: Torsti, J.; Vainio, R.; Anttila, A.
  • Publication: Solar Dynamic Phenomena and Solar Wind Consequences, Proceedings of the Third SOHO Workshop held 26-29 September, 1994 in Estes Park, Colorado. Edited by J.J. Hunt. ESA SP-373, European Space Agency, 1994, p.263, 1994
  • Solar event of 1989 September 29
  • Case study
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  • Abstract: The anisotropies of relativistic solar protons during the September 29, 1989 solar flare has been analyzed using the data from the GOES 6 satellite and neutron monitors. The data of the GOES 6 satellite is first used to estimate the transport parameters that are independent of the pitch angle. Thereafter, the anisotropies are studied using the data of three selected neutron monitor pairs. Every pair consists of two monitors with similar cut-off rigidity, located at opposite sides of the globe.

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