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Analysis of proton flux directionalities in four solar events detected by SOHO/ERNE

  • Authors: Sahla, T.; Torsti, J.
  • Publication: Proceedings of the 27th International Cosmic Ray Conference. 07-15 August, 2001. Hamburg, Germany. Under the auspices of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP)., p.3306, 2001
  • Solar events of 1998 June 16, 1999 April 24, 1999 May 3 and 1999 May 27
  • Statistical study / Case study
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  • Abstract: This work presents a study of the temporal development of directional proton intensities in four different solar events observed by SOHO/ERNE. ERNE/HED detects protons in energy range 12-100 MeV with 1 degree angular resolution. The studied events are divided into two types, depending on the rate of the initial intensity increase. In events that started on 16 June, 1998 and 3 May, 1999 the intensity rise was rather gradual, and in the ones on 24 April and 27 May, 1999, the flux enhancement took place in a relatively short time. We compare the time development of directionality in these different event types, especially in their rise phases.


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