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Event of 2004 November 6-7

Three fast coronal mass ejections (CMEs) occurred on November 6: the first at 01:31 UT, the second at 02:06 UT and the third at 08:06 UT. The first CME was a halo and the second one a partial halo. Four different class M X-ray flares was observed that day. The most powerful one started at 00:11 UT. Its class was M9.3 and it was located in active region NOAA 10696 (N10° E08°).

The fastest CME which was detected on November 7 started at 16:54 UT. It was accompanied by X-ray flare. The class of the flare was X2.0 and the speed of the CME was 1759 km/s.

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