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2000 Ocotber 29-30


event of 29 October 2000

Around 02 UT on October 29 an intense type 3 radio burst started and it was accompanied by an M4.4-class flare and an H alfa flare at S25°E35° at 01:57 UT. Another type 3 burst was observed far to the west of the Earth-Sun line at around 16:30 UT. No obvious electrons beams appeared near the Earth during the entire day. Slowly drifting type 2 emission was observed starting at 02:05 UT.

On October 29 was measured an exceptional particle event with a very strong ³He enhancement persisting over the high-energy range up to 50 MeV/nucleon. The first candidate source for the ³He-rich population was concluded an impulsive M4.4-flare.

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