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2000 April 4-8


2000 April 4-6

A gradual X-ray flare of class C9.7/2F started at 15:12 UT on April 4 and peaked at 15:41 UT. It was located in NOAA active region 8933 (N16° W66°). A halo coronal mass ejection (CME) was observed starting at 16:33 UT. A metric type II radio burst was measured at 15:20 UT and it was accompanied by a type IV burst (15:15-16:19 UT). A decimetric type II burst was seen starting at about 15:40 UT.

At 00:06 UT on April 5 another CME appeared on the southwest of the solar disc. There were no type II bursts associated with the new CME. April 6, the interplanetary shock passage was observed near the Earth's orbit.

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