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1999 June 18


event of 18 June 1999

The first eruption located in northern-western (NW) limb. An impulsive flare of class M3.6 and few minor bursts of class C started at 17:30 UT on 17 June 1999. There was also a concurrent, slow loop coronal mass ejection (CME) from behind the northern-eastern (NE) limb from 17:01 to 18:24 UT.

A possible second eruption from the same NW active region was observed during 11:14-11:56 UT on 18 June 1999. The third NW eruption was observed at 16:19-17:56 UT. There was also an eruption in the NE during 16:39-17:21 UT. These eruptions were associated with a gradual class C5.8 X-ray flare with maximum at 16:57 UT.

Both M3.6 and C5.8 flares were accompanied by metric radio bursts of type III, type V, and type II. Also a possible type IV radio burst was registered in association with the C5.8 flare.

Onset of the ³He event was at 10:00 UT on 18 June 1999.

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