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1999 December 28


1999 December 28 event

The event was associated with a coronal mass ejection (CME) and two impulsive soft X-ray flare. The CME started around 00:10 UT. The first X-ray flare (class: M4.5) started at 00:29 UT and the second (class: C2.8) at 01:12 UT. A class 2B Hα-flare (N20° W56°) was reported to start at 00:42 UT. An intense hard X-ray flare was observed during 00:41–00:54 UT, and a series of smaller flares between 01:07 and 01:18 UT. A group of type III bursts started at 00:43 UT and also a type V burst was reported in the 25–75 MHz range. Two metric type II bursts followed during 00:46–01:05 UT in the frequency range from 250 to 50 MHz.

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