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1998 May 27


1998 May 27 event

H-alfa flares were observed in three different regions: in NOAA AR 8226 (N18° W60°) at 13:00 UT, in AR 8224 (S12° W80°) at 13:30 UT and in AR 8227 (N22° E51°) at 13:55 UT. A soft X-ray flare (class: C7.5) started at 13:30 UT and the flux peak was at 13:35 UT. The coronal mass ejection (CME) was observed starting at 13:13 UT. There was a metric type 3 burst around 13 UT and during 13:06-13:32 UT a radio type 4 emission was measured. There was also a weak intermittent type 2 radio burst during 13:30-14:20 UT.

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