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1997 September 24


1997 September 24

There were three eruptions during late September 23 and the first half of September. The first eruption was located S30° E15° and it was C1.5-class soft X-ray-flare which started 21:36 UT. No type 2 and 4 radio burst or associated proton event was observed.

The second eruptions was on September 24. An impulsive M5.9-class solar flare was located S31° E19° and it started at 02:43 UT. The flare was associated with a type 2 and 4 radio burst which were observed starting at 02:48-2:49 UT. The partial halo coronal mass ejection (CME) started at 03:00 UT.

The third eruption occured 11:00 UT and was accompanied by M3.0-class soft X-ray-flare. A type 2 and 4 radio burst were also observed.

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