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1997 November 6


1997 November 6 event

A soft X-ray and H-alfa X9.4/2B-class flare started at 11:49 UT and it was
located S18° W 63°. The maximum X-ray intensity flux was measured 11:55 UT.
At the same time an emission of coronal mass ejection (CME) was detected.
A type 2 and 4 radio burst and decimetric burst was observed at 11:52 UT
by several ground-based stations.

High H, He, O and Fe fluxes were measured by ERNE after the solar event.
The energy range was 3-200MeV/nucleon. The event produced the highest
particle intensities since the launch of the Solar and Heliospheric
Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft.

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